Metal works factory

P.A.B. Romania metal works factory is operational since 2011. The complex production unit, with a monthly production capacity of 1500 tones, is located in a modern area in Arad.

The flexible technological flow involves four main assembly lines, out of which two for bending, rolling or mechanical conversion through chipping. The unit allows ramification according to the needs, as to support all kind of metal works or structures. The flexibility is possible due to 20 rolling bridges, that can manipulate metal structures weighting up to 120 tones.

The drilling and the cutting of euro-profiles is performed using two Kaltenbach KDM1015+KBS1051 installations. The drilling and the cutting of metal-sheets is performed using two plasma and oxygen machines ESSAB SUPRAREX SXE5000+SXE3000, all of them equipped with digital control. The digital control allows the abolition of measurement errors.


For specific ornamental facades we use laser cutting, with Laser Durma HD-F6020II 6 kw, for a large range of materials: steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, brass.


With the aid of guillotine cutting machine Hera we shape metal-sheets as wide as 2,5 mm.

Using Ironworker Durma (cross-cut shear) we cut and drill by punching the iron corners and metal pillars.

The cold-rolling of euro-profiles is performed with Durma PBH 300 machine. For tubes winding we use Thoman FK60-2 Tube Bending Center.

The cold-rolling of metal sheets is done using two 4 rolls machines, Durma HRB-4 and

valt 4 rolls.

The metal-sheets bending using two bending machines Abkant allows the manufacture of pieces up to 6 meters long. Pieces geometry is obtained using a special soft controlling all the machine parameters.

Thin, painted metal-sheets accessories are produced using two Abkant machines with JORNS jaws.

The assembly and the welding of drilled profiles is performed only by qualified workers, equipped with blowpipes MIG/MAG and the newest assembly equipment.

Before painting, all products are being sandblasted in Abraziv full automatic sandblasting machine, that can process pieces as large as 2500x3200x12000mm and on a sandblasting Roesler line, for small pieces.

The painting, as final operation, is performed in modern cabins, equipped with dryers that can reach 300 C degrees, using best quality materials, that ensure the guarantee of a reliable product.